The DoCS mentoring program seeks to support learning partnerships. The goal of the program is to promote a culture of mentorship, professional development, and collaboration among staff members.

In the program, a mentee identifies learning and/or career goals, and the mentor supports the clarification and reaching of these goals through modeling, active listening, encouraging, appreciating, showing humility and compassion, and building trust. Both the mentor and mentee are likely to obtain a better understanding of the workplace and the world through the learning partnership. What mentors and mentees seek and obtain out of the program can vary. Mentees stand to develop distinctive images of practices and approaches to their profession, gaining knowledge and insight in areas of interest. Through providing support and resources, mentors gain the satisfaction of helping others to grow and be successful, and develop improved mentoring and leadership skills. Both partners may expand their professional networks, within and outside of Rutgers DoCS. 

The entire program is free and open to all DoCS staff. You can apply here any time. Program participation includes professional development (PD) centering on being an effective mentor and/or mentee via the Canvas Course Website, as well as monthly events and the offerings of the DoCS DEIA program. Meeting with one’s partner at least once per month is strongly encouraged; however, mentoring pairs negotiate the terms of the mentoring arrangement, culminating in a learning partnership contract. 

After successfully completing the program including at least 15 hours of combined PD, you will earn the DoCS Mentoring Program badge!