We are now accepting applications for the DoCS Mentoring Program (DMP), launching in January 2024.

The goal of the program is to foster professional development and career growth while building networks across DoCS, promoting a culture of mentorship and collaboration within the DoCS community. The mentoring relationship is a learning partnership that focuses primarily on advancing the professional, academic, and personal development of the mentee. Mentors are committed to helping their mentees grow, and mentees are committed to learning from their mentors.

The DoCS Mentoring Program is open to all DoCS staff. However, it generally follows a 4-phase progression over the course of the calendar year, starting new cohorts in January of each year.

If you participate in the program, meeting at least once per month with your mentoring partner monthly beginning the 3rd phase is strongly encouraged; however, the partners negotiate the specific terms of the mentoring relationship in the 2nd phase of the program. Program participation includes PD opportunities through a Canvas course, monthly events, and the DoCS DEIA program. Participants who complete 15 hours of PD and successfully complete the program earn a badge.

If you have any questions about the DoCS Mentoring program, please contact David Shernoff at david.shernoff@rutgers.edu.

Please note: Your application information will be used as a default profile in the DoCs Mentoring Program Canvas portal, a private LMS accessible to all participants of the program. Thus, by completing the application, you are providing permission to post all application information, visible only to participants of the program, in Canvas. Please keep this in mind as you complete your application.

DoCS Mentoring Program Application 2024

Due January 17, 2024

Mentor / Mentee
Select the top 5 areas in which you could help your mentee or peer-mentor:
Select the top 5 areas in which you would like to develop:
Provide any additional information you think would be helpful for the committee to know in order to create an appropriate mentoring match for you. For example, you might comment on your personality, work style, your life experiences, family life, hobbies, or anything else that might aid us in identifying the best mentoring partner for you.
Please note: providing this information does not necessarily mean that this individual will be your assigned partner, but special consideration may be given.
Others / Agreement

A goal of the DoCS Mentoring Program is to recruit and train a diverse and inclusive pool participants. There are benefits when partners in a mentoring relationship share demographic characteristics as well as when partners differ.

With this in mind for the two optional questions below, please indicate how you self-identify:

(same/different discipline, race, gender, age, etc.)
(such as family life, career change, international experience at Rutgers, etc.)

Please review and agree to the DoCS Mentoring Program's Participant Agreement below:

Participant Agreement

I understand that--if a mentoring match is made and I confirm my participation in the program--I will be asked to complete a Mentoring Participant Agreement, to be negotiated with my mentoring partner, that may include the following expectations for involvement in this program:

  • Commit to participate in the yearlong program (January 2024 - December 2024)
  • Attend monthly events --attendance of both partners is often invaluable to the success of the mentoring partnership.
  • Commit to a minimum of monthly 1-hour meetings with my mentoring partner (face-to-face, virtually - phone, Webex, etc.)
  • Agree to maintain a confidential, trust-based relationship with mentoring partner
  • Complete post-participation survey

I understand and agree to the expectations listed in the Participant Agreement as seen above--my selection of "I agree" (below) will serve as my electronic signature and will complete my application.