Make your next event unforgettable. Our team can help "choreograph" an event -- whether virtual or in-person -- that shepherds your guests through an engaging, memorable experience.

Event Planning

Marketing, Planning & Execution
Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies welcomes the chance to help you identify high-impact, cost-effective strategies to reach your target audience. All clients are entitled to a free initial marketing, planning and budgeting discussion. 

Audience Assessment
Before investing time and money into an event, let us gauge potential audience demand. This assessment can range from interviews with key decision-makers over a few days, to a more formal, structured survey of potential participants and market players.

Site Scouting, Contract Negotiations & Logistics
Successful events require both detailed management of logistics and creative ideas to keep participants engaged. We’ll create timelines for event success, evaluate sites, review and negotiate contracts, and plan and support your delivery needs.


Online Registration & Ecommerce
24/7 online registration is available along with phone, mail, fax and on-site registration services. eCommerce web hosting and credit card acceptance are also available.

Materials Assembly & Distribution
For administrative staff, finding the time and space to assemble and transport 50, 150 or 500 binders or folders disrupts the workweek and saps morale. Let us do that heavy lifting for you -- and for them.


Program Videos & Evaluation Tools
You can memorialize your event with candid footage that captures the moments, people and highlights that make your event distinctive. We can also help document program outcomes with instant polling and electronic evaluation tools. Virtual platform delivery, pre-recorded sessions and live streaming are also critical services we can provide.

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