DEIA Learning Subcommittee

Eddie CohenCamile DeMacedoMary LabradaStefanie MillerRosa Salgado-Rodriguez


We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for ALL community members. Our vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion includes all the people we serve and our employees.

DoCS DEIA Subcommittee

  • Encourage employees to participate in DEIA programs.
  • Provide opportunities to serve on relevant service committee within DoCS
  • Utilize employee recognition programs to highlight employee engagement in DEIA education and professional training programs.
  • Expand the tracking and assessment capability to determine employee comprehension of DEIA content and prorgrams.

Faculty Advisory Committee

Dr. Angie McGuire
Associate Teaching Professor, CY, Associate Director, Center for Executive Leadership in Government
Dr. Richard J. Novak,
Vice President of Continuing Studies and Distance Education
Dr. David Shernoff,
Director, Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education
Dr. Deborah Silver,
Executive Director, Professional Science Master’s Program