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Youth Programs

Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies offers innovative programs for children of all ages.

Reading Programs

The Division of Continuing Studies offers reading programs for kids who are 4 years old to those entering 12th grade and beyond. The program is taught by the Institute of Reading Development in various locations around New Jersey.

Summer Scholars

The Summer Scholars program provides high-achieving high school students and gifted youth the opportunity to take up to two college courses and attend college success workshops before they enter college. 

Summer Start

By participating in Summer Start, graduating high school seniors can take classes during Summer Session to earn credits before starting college.

Maker Camps

The Center for Math, Science, and Computer Education offers Maker Camps held at Rutgers Makerspace for elementary and high school students.

Engineering Pre-College Summer Academy

The Engineering Pre-College Summer Academy is a one-week certificate program. The Summer Academy introduces high school students to engineering disciplines and careers from aerospace to systems engineering. Students in the program participate in hands-on, goal-directed projects that provide them with an understanding of how engineering is applied outside of the classroom.

Top Universities Preparation Program

The Top Universities Preparation Program prepares high-achieving international secondary school seniors for admission to top U.S. universities.